Lacy Heart Garland by Claire from Crochet Leaf

Lacy Heart Garland

This pattern is available for free.

Worked in one piece using 5 stitch and 7 stitch bobbles as well as a few basic stitches, this heart garland was a delight to create!

Written pattern in US and UK terms, plus a photo walkthrough.

Start with a chain the length of your choice, then work a bobble that resembles a little shell, then the heart itself, then another little shell shape, and on and on you go!

Use any yarn/hook combo you think will show off the interesting shapes and textures here.

I used a thread cotton, and then blocked the garland - simply by fine spraying the garland with a little water, and ironing it. I would recommend you test a heart first before blocking to see if your yarn behaves itself ;)