Letter K - Alphabet Plush Toy - Karianne by Dani Church

Letter K - Alphabet Plush Toy - Karianne

This pattern is available in print for $3.00.

Name: Karianne
Profession: Kindergarten teacher
Interests: Kayaking, Karate, Knitting, Keyboards & Kazoo
Favorite Foods: Kiwi fruit, Kahlua, Kidney Kabobs with Ketchup
Personality: A bit of a Klutz, but Kindhearted

Karianne is fun to make and a quick knit! Simply knit two halves and sew them together with some stuffing inside. Then add facial features and hair to create a unique personality; you can follow my directions, or feel free to “knoodle” with new hair styles and expressions.

Creative Idea: Give all of your letters arms, and sew a bit of Velcro on the end of each hand so children can join them together to spell words. (I didn’t put arms on all of my Alphabet People, but arm instructions are included in all patterns.)

PLEASE NOTE: You are purchasing the PATTERN, not the finished item.

When you are finished knitting them, using the recommended materials, your Alphabet People will be approximately 6” (15cm) tall.

There is no shipping cost; I will email the pattern to you as a pdf file.

Karianne is an original pattern by The Knit Knoodler.
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