Madeleine Shawl by Courtney Kelley

Madeleine Shawl

This pretty picot-edged shawl is a great traveling or weekend project. It is knitted point to point in a garter-based bias-stitch pattern that is worked simultaneously with the picot edge. The construction is simple enough for beginners and interesting enough to keep advanced knitters engrossed. The bias pattern creates a Faroese-style wing to shape to the points, which allows it to drape comfortably around the shoulders.

Knitted in a worsted-weight luxury yarn, this shawl mixes the practical warmth of a thick homespun peddler’s shawl with the softness of a fine Regency-era cashmere shawl. Endlessly customizable and requiring fewer than 300 yards (275 meters) of yarn, this shawl is ideal for quick gifts and using up that odd skein or two of yarn.

NOTE: The instructions for the picot are as follows:
* Make Picot (MP): Using the cable cast on method, CO 3 sts. Working the first st through the back loop, BO 3 sts.*