Matilda by Katie Boyette
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September 2011

Everyone knows there are cute bugs, like ladybugs for instance. And then there are ugly bugs, like Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Matilda fortunately falls into the first
category. She doesn’t hiss, bite, or sting. She will, however, happily eat those lovely, plump homegrown tomatoes you have in your backyard. Matilda has a voracious appetite, and the harder you work on your garden, the more likely she is to enjoy it. How do you think she got so big for a bug? Being so very large and so very fuchsia, you might wonder how her species has survived at all, pillaging gardens in plain sight. The answer lies in her cuteness. Matilda’s species evolved in a way that made it very hard for people to squash her. Look into her big sparkly eyes, and you might just put down your shovel.