Melvin the Misunderstood Monster by Karissa Cole

Melvin the Misunderstood Monster

This pattern is available for free.

He’s a nice guy. Nicer than nice. He bakes cupcakes for everyone he knows, helps little old ladies cross the street, always says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and is never one to make a fuss. He never says no to someone in need, and always has a smile and a cheerful thought from the bottom of his big ‘ol heart. Why, he’d even balance your checkbook if you asked! (He’s really quite good with numbers.)

But even given all this, everyone still calls Melvin a monster. And for the life of him, he can’t figure out why. He’s cute, he’s little, he’s sweet. So where do they get monster in that?

Perhaps Melvin will never know. But in the meantime he keeps his positive disposition, taking comfort in fresh coloring books, caramel apples and watching the Olympics.

• This pattern is available free @ in both HTML and PDF formats

• Amigurumi

• Gauge/Yarn type/Tension are not important. However straying too much from recommended yarn and hook will certainly produce different shapes and sizes. (Please note also that rapid increases/decreases account for the unique shape of Melvin’s head; straying too far from the recommended yarn weight and hook size could adversely affect this effect)

• One type of stitch (single crochet) is used throughout

• Additional material needed include craft felt and fiberfill stuffing