Milanese Lace by Charlene Schurch

Milanese Lace

Pattern Summary:Patterns designed for a variety of gauge and foot sizes. Methods include 2 Circulars and 4 and 5 DPNs, Toe-up or Top-down.

Pattern Note: This stitch pattern tends to stretch less than a ribbed pattern, so you may need to use a larger needle on the leg or calculate your foot size a bit bigger.

Pattern Section: This pattern is in the  ‘Eight-stitch pattern’ section. 

Notes on gauge:  As with all of the patterns in this book, with the aid of an included chart the pattern can be adjusted to your gauge, and desired finished measurements.</p>

Heel and Toe variations: The top-down pattern as explicit instructions for two types of "Heel Flaps":  "Eye-of-Partridge with seed stitch edging" and "Heel stitch with 3 stitch garter edge."  The Toe-up pattern as an "Easy Toe" and a "Heel-Flap" or "Short-row Heel"   Other heels and toes may be substituted.

Related Patterns: The following patterns have similar stitch repeats, and thus the same sock construction:

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