Moccasin Socks (November) by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Moccasin Socks (November)

Summary   A sock which can be mended ad infinitum (theoretically).

Additional Information 

GAUGE:  6sts to 1".

SIZE: Average Adult.

MATERIALS:  About 3oz fine sock wool suitable for above GAUGE.  1 pr needles and 1 16" circular needles of a size to give correct GAUGE (about #0-#3).  Nylon thread.

Elizabeth Zimmermann's elaboration on the Moccasin Sock

The item, hot from the griddle, which I now unveil is the Moccasin Sock; the Breathrough  Sock, the Not-To-Be-Ground-Down Sock; the Eventually Totally Re-footable Sock.  Call it what you will; all the above tentative titles apply.

If you are a maker and mender of socks you have shared with me the heart-break of finding holes right next to the places which have been carefully strengthened with nylon.  Many of the offending holes are right under the heel, just past the point where the heel-turning was completed and knitting was continued around, minus nylon.

From the back of the book.