My Farm - Block 4 Henrietta, Rocky and Their Chicks by Barbara Lawler

My Farm - Block 4 Henrietta, Rocky and Their Chicks

This pattern is available for $7.00.

It’s arrived
This detailed pattern has 9 A4 pages with lots of photos to help you along the way. (Hence 7$ and sorry about the colour printing!)

The pattern is clearly written (using English abbreviations) and is perfect for both beginners and the experienced.

This is one of a set that will make up My Farm. I thought it would make a nice play mat / blanket or could be used with a plain granny square as an edging.

I first crocheted hens on a bag for my friend’s birthday - but I didn’t write the pattern down at the time.

The chickens / chicks are crocheted first and then the granny bit is crocheted onto them. You can do 1, 2, or 3 chicks on a block and they all fit together.

I have made a virtual afghan on my pc to see what it would look like all joined together. (Haven’t got the patience to make a whole real one!).