NatCroMo Freeform Game CAL ‘Pattern’ by Kaet

NatCroMo Freeform Game CAL ‘Pattern’

by Kaet
March 2008
Flag of English English
This pattern is available for free.

Okay, the rules of the game are that every day of March 2008 you will receive two game instructions:

  1. a particular stitch to do
  2. a change in medium (hook, yarn or direction)

The number of the given stitch to do will be chosen using a given random number generator. If you do not have access to the given generator, please ask a friend for a random number in the given range and do that many of the stitch.

Where a given stitch/pattern name has variations, you should do the variation of your choice. (So DC may be done by either UK or US versions, a shell or fan may have different numbers of stitches within it.) The variation chosen should be consistent on that day.

I am assuming everyone has access to at least two hooks and two yarns. If a given instruction won’t work for you (eg I say to go up a hook size and you’re already using your largest) please use your discretion.

This is only meant to take a few minutes each day and should not be detrimental to your other projects! I hope it’s fun.

Daily discussions of how the project is going are here