Norwegian Mittens - Snowflake (May) WG06 SO06 by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Norwegian Mittens - Snowflake (May) WG06 SO06

Summary  Mittens that allow the knitter to experiment with color.

Additional Information

They should be large.

GAUGE: 6 sts to 1"

MATERIALS: 4oz ea. 2-ply Sheepswool in Main Color and Contrasting Color.  Or any wool to give correct GAUGE.  1 set 9" sock-needles of a size to give you correct GAUGE.

This month’s chapter also contains directions for Mitered Mittens.

Charts for color-work included.

Elizabeth Zimmermann's elaboration on Norwegian Mittens:

Let's make them in May; let's take our time over them; let's venture into new approaches and designs; let's enjoy them.  For the compulsive knitter, hot weather need not put a crimp in his or her activity.  Large projects may lie heavy and warm on the lap, but small things like mittens and socks are easy to carry about outdoors, and can be made surprisingly fast.

Experiment with mittens, and exercise and expand your sense of color with them.  Combine unusual colors, and find out if you like the result.  Use up odds and ends of wool for stripes or patterns.

From the back of the book.

"The year begins with an Aran sweater and proceeds to February baby things, a March Shetland, April blanket, May mittens and so on through the months, completing the zodiac with November moccasin socks and a December last-minute wishbone sweater."