Opus 1702

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A conventional mid-calf or ankle sock developed from the artwork pattern, Untitled 1700, and intended to exploit the colours and quality of short-phase space-dyed yarn by adding random bands of fairisle hearts, zigzags or chevrons. The pattern includes options for two different beaded edges for the cuffs, and for adding beads to the fairisle bands.

There are two separate patterns for knitting cuff-down and toe-up, and both patterns include options to knit the sock with a small, medium or large number of sts per round. You can further adjust the width of the sock by using one of two needle sizes. That gives a total of 2 styles, 2 sock-knitting methods and 5 width-adjustments. Foot length is infinitely adjustable.

Women’s small, medium and large widths are changed by adjusting needle size and by choosing from three round-sizes. Foot length is adjustable by knitting more or fewer rounds.

Medium size: 8.5 sts per inch (34 sts per 4in) on 2.25 - 2.5mm needles
Large size: 7 sts per inch (28 sts per 4in) on 2.75mm needles


  • (MC, main colour) for all-one-yarn sock including decorative top edge: 100g (459yd/420m) of 4 ply sock yarn, space-dyed at short intervals or phases.

  • (H, hearts colour) optional contrast colour for fairisle hearts: 2g (9yd/8.4m) of 4 ply sock yarn to contrast with one of the colour phases of the MC, but which blends in to look similar to another colour phase of the MC yarn.

  • Optional for picot edge: 60 (64, 68) Matsuno beads size 6/0-8/0, and 0.75mm steel crochet hook.

  • Yarn substitution: Any other type of 4 ply sock yarn could be substituted for the MC; the fairisle hearts would then make a simple contrast decoration.

  • Needles: 4 dpns for cuff-down or toe-up version. An experienced knitter could substitute a pair of circulars for either version. Metric: size 2.25

  • 2.5mm for medium; 2.75mm for large. UK and Canadian: size 13 (med); size 12 (large) US: size 1-2 (med); size 2 (large)

  • Stitch marker, row counter