Perspective Daisy by Suzann Thompson

Perspective Daisy

May 2012
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Many flowers are round, but they only look round when we see them straight-on. If we see them from an angle, they look oval and the flower center isn’t in the center.

Since we probably see most flowers from an angle, like in nature or in a bouquet, I wanted to make some non-round daisies. I wanted them to look like the flowers we see at an angle.

That’s how the Perspective Daisy came to be. It is stylized--for instance the centers are still round, but the flower center isn’t in the center.

The pattern offers single and double flowers, as well as round flowers, because we do see some flower straight-on.

The photo of orange Perspective Daisies is part of a crochet charm lace project, which you can read more about at