Philadelphia Flyers Retired Jersey Numbers Charts by Janis Cortese

Philadelphia Flyers Retired Jersey Numbers Charts

March 2012
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

Goes along with the Flyers Logo chart for all you Broad Street hockey fans who would like to use these and the Philadelphia Flyers Garter Stitch Square chart to make a blanket, scarf, or game lapghan to commemorate the Flyers whose general all-around fabulosity :-) have made them worthy of jersey retirement.

For those keeping track at home, that would be:

1: Bernie Parent
2: Mark Howe
4: Barry Ashbee
7: Bill Barber
16: Bobby Clarke

All charts are 51 stitches x 46 ridges (92 rows) to make them compatible with the logo chart.

I m-m-m-might recommend shortrowing the garter ridges every tenth row (at the pink lines) to ensure that the very elongated stockinette portions don’t throw off the gauge too much, or possibly slipping the occasional row of every-other-stitch in the stockinette sections, or doing the entire stockinette sections in eye-of-partridge stitch if that’s not too stiff and doesn’t curl too fiercely. When I get to these squares in my own afghan project, I’ll see how it works out.

April 26, 2012: So I just completed the Ashbee chart for my blanket, and indeed shortrowing at the pink lines worked out great!

You can use the images to the left, but the free PDF includes the row numbers on each side, which makes it way easier to keep track.