Pi Are Square Shawl WG 38 by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Pi Are Square Shawl WG 38

Summary An unusual shaped shawl, knit in one piece. Basic instructions are given, along with a schematic, several suggestions for body stitch-patterns, and two border patterns.

This pattern may be found on pages 111-117 of Knitting Around.

Pattern description from Knitting Around: “Although this shawl is round in the back, and constructed in the same manner as my Pi Shawl, it is square in the front.”

Materials (as listed in Knitting Around): “12 oz Shetland Jumper-weight Wool, or 4 3.5oz wheels of 1-ply Icelandic Wool, or 8oz Shetland Laceweight Wool (give or take; much depends upon your gauge, the length of the shawl, and the depth of the final border). A 24” circular needle of a size anywhere from a #5-#10.”

Gauge (as listed in Knitting Around): “This will vary. My shawl is knitted in Shetland Jumper-weight Wool. It blocked out at a Gauge of 5 stitches to 1”, and is 26” deep at the center back (without border). Meg’s version is in 1-ply Icelandic at a gauge of 3 stitches to 1”, and is 33” deep at center back (without border). So, experiment with wool, needles, and stitch patterns to find a pleasing texture.”

This pattern may be found on pages 32-33 of Vogue Knitting, Winter 2007/08.

Materials (as listed in Vogue Knitting, Winter 2007/08):

  • 4 wheels of Unspun Icelandic cool; or 13 balls of Shetland jumper-weight wool; or 5 balls of Icelandic lace-weight wool; or 9 balls of Shetland lace-weight wool. (Exact amounts of wool depend on your gauge, the final length you decide on and the width of the lace edging.)
  • A 29” (or longer) circular needle of a size to give you wanted gauge, anywhere from a 6 to a 10.5. In this instance, fit is not critical and you can go according to your preference for the fineness or laciness of the finished fabric. To give you an idea: Gauge for EZ’s Shetland lace-weight version shown above is 4.5 sts = 1” and it is 33” deep at center back, without its border.
  • The shawl is worked back and forth in garter stitch.