QD - Quadratische Decke Shawl by Hayley Tsang Sather

QD - Quadratische Decke Shawl

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Stitch count for Row 139 should be 549, Rows 149 and 150 should be 619 sts.

The red repeat boxes for Charts C and G should read, “repeat (5-12 stitches)”

Chart F – stitch markers move on Row 119

Pictorial explanation of Chart A, Row 1 to 8 – link AND pictorial tutorial on Jutta’s project page of her FOURTH QD. Thank you, Jutta!

A formatted for Knit Companion version of QD – Quadratische Decke Shawl is also available on Create2Thrive.

QD – Quadratische Decke Shawl is a half-size, deep-crescent-shape shawl adaptation of the Herbert Niebling pattern of the same name, Square Doily in English. The original pattern, in half, is a triangle. The pattern is modified in order to create a softer deep-crescent shape and adjustments were made so the final chart motifs are perfectly aligned from body to the lace edge with a smooth and seamless transition. I hope that by modifying this amazing design into a shawl with well illustrated charts and clear instructions, more knitters will discover and enjoy the magic of Niebling.

QD is worked from the top down with increases throughout the body. QD uses approximately 600y / 550m to 700y / 640m of heavy-lace-weight yarns. It may also be knitted in fingering-weight yarn for a denser fabric, or sport/DK-weight yarn for a warm and cozy result. Yardage requirement will change if using different yarn weight and/or needle size. QD may be knitted with or without beads.

Skill Level
Medium with complicated chart sequences. Charts only. Not suitable for anyone new to chart reading. Pattern does not include row-by-row written instruction.

Heavy lace (no lighter than 700y / 640m per 100g), fingering, sport, and DK-weight yarns are all suitable, in solid, semi solid, or subtle variegated. Finished dimensions may be adjusted by using different yarn weight and needle size to achieve varying gauges. Yardage required is dependent on yarn weight and needle size. Test knit samples using heavy-lace-weight yarn range from 600y / 550m to 700y / 640m using US2/2.75mm needles. Please see pattern page 2 for all the test knit information including heavy-lace and dk-weight yarns.

To best showcase the various stitch patterns of QD, self-striping or variegated yarn with vast tonal differences is NOT recommended.

Gauge isn’t important but will determine the final size of the shawl. You want the tension of the swatch to be tighter than other lace knitting to best showcase the stitch patterns. A swatch chart is included in the pattern for those who are interested in knitting a sample swatch to check fabric tension as well as bead options.

Sample shawl is knitted on US2 / 2.75mm needles. Go up or down needle size depending on the weight of your yarn and the tension of your knitting. Please note that this will affect yardage requirement.

Circular needles in size US2 / 2.75mm depending on your gauge, stitch markers, blunt tapestry needle, crochet hook or other tool if you are adding beads, T-pins, and blocking wire(s) and mat (optional).

Size 6 or 8 rounds for heavy lace weight, size 6 rounds or size 5 triangles for fingering weight. Bead all or just some of these charts. Bead counts are per segment.

Chart C – 18 beads
Chart B – 62 beads
Chart C – 192 beads
Chart D – 10 beads
Chart E – 101 beads
Chart F – 113 beads
Chart G – 142 beads
Chart H – 370 beads
Total – 990 beads

Hayley, fingering-weight

Hayley, heavy-lace

A sincere thank you goes to our wonderful test knitters without whose help and invaluable input, this pattern would never have been realized.

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Glenys, DK weight