Rorschach Sweater WG19 SO30 by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Rorschach Sweater WG19 SO30

Pattern description from Knitting Workshop: “For the RORSCHACH, I commend you to the appendix. It’s a bit complicated. To give you a brief rundown: It’s constructed in TWO PIECES; righthand front-and-back, and left hand ditto. The right-angled corners (4 of them) at each neck-side are formed by double-decreasing and/or increasing every second row, and the colored stripe follows the shaping angles. RIGHT-ANGLES of course; this is my beloved garter-stitch. The SLEEVES are integral and have some fascinating shoulder-shaping. THERE ARE TWO cuff-treatments: IF YOU WANT a Bell-Sleeve, just knit straight and it will bell out naturally. FOR THE SNUG CUFF, 5 inches shy of wanted length, knit 2 together across. “

From the back of the book: “For many years, I and thousands of other enthusiastic Elizabeth-watchers have heartily enjoyed her wit and wisdom. Elizabeth’s many devoted fans are sure to welcome her new publications with open arms and eagerly poised needles.” --Barbara G. Walker

This pattern may be found in the appendix to Knitting Workshop on pages 151-152. Pattern description and diagrams on pages 98-99. Tutorial for I-cord tab buttonholes on page 107.

Also available in Spun Out #30 from, Schoolhouse Press. Originally published 1978 as Wool Gathering #19