SAKURA motif by Yoko Johnston

SAKURA motif

This pattern is available for ¥100.

Thank you for your support for Japan by purchasing my pattern.
Mar 11 2020: I donated 3000yen (about $29 USD) to Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation.
Apr 16 2016: I donated £30 (about $43 USD) to Kumamoto Japan Earthquake Relief Fund by GlobalGivingUK.
Oct 10 2014: I donated $20 to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund by a GlobalGiving Project. Thank you.
May 01 2013: I donated 2000yen (about $21 USD) to Japanese Red Cross. Thank you so much for your support.
Oct 17 2012: I donated 2500yen (about $32 USD) to Japanese Red Cross. Thank you so much for your support.
Dec 29 2011: I’ve ordered 15 gas cartridges (2625yen) for a shelter in Ogatu Forest Park in Isinomaki-city in Miyagi prefecture, where, i read, there is no kitchen or no stove to boil water. The order was made through an Amazon Japan’s project for Touhoku Japan, “ Wish Lists for Japan Earthquake”. I chose to use Amazon because we can meet victims’ need right away, sending things they need now.
Thank you for your understanding.

May 04 2011: I just sent my first 7000yen (about $86 USD) donation to JAPANESE RED CROSS. (For confirmation of the payment, please see the photo at the bottom of this pg) Thank you so much!

I will donate the proceeds from this pattern’s sale to for the Earthquake/Tsunami Relief effort in Japan.
For long term recovery efforts, Japan needs more donation money and support. I haven’t set a closing time for the donation yet.

JPY 100 is about £0.75 UK or $1.25 USD(thanks, manda-r)

I made the SAKURA motif pattern to help fundraising, wishing for Japan’s recovery and smiles on the people’ faces.
I really appreciate your support for people of Japan, as my heart is always with them.

This is an easy and versatile pattern.
Since there is a connection band at the back of the flower, you can put a stick in the band and do flower arranging. Or, convert to a hair band, or a drawing pin.

This is my first attempt at writing and releasing a pattern. It took me a long time to learn how to create a PDF file and draw a chart using CAD.

joujouka kindly offered to help me.
My sincere thanks to her again.