Sarma by Baiba Jautaiķe


September 2014
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?
547 - 1640 yards (500 - 1500 m)
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There are those mornings when each leaf and every twig is covered with white lace. I’ve always wished to keep this intangibly beautiful feeling as long as possible. Alas The Sun has always thawed my dreams.

This wish has inspired this design – Sarma is Latvian for Frost – crescent shaped lace shawl that covers my shoulders with airy lace. Just as on trees in my garden little leaves are growing out of the upper edge and cover all of the body. It ends with frost flowers along the bottom edge.

This is the shawl of many possibilities to make it as unique as possible - you can adjust the size of the shawl and even change it before it ends, if needed. You can knit it in any weight yarn starting with the finest lace and ending with the bulkiest you dare to knit. I prefer solid color but it has been knitted with really really long color changes. There are more then 2 options for upper edge and bottom edge each.

It is knitted top down using lots of short rows, with naturally hidden increases. Stitch patterns and construction are fairly simple and after a couple repeats you’ll know them by heart. You can knit it even if you are fairly new to lace and knitting, because it looks way more complicated as it is. All of it is test-knitted and has pretty charts and pictures.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did ☺
if you have finished your own Sarma and post a project with pictures, you will get any one of my other patterns for free.

Gracias a la traductora Sara Morales del 1 de noviembre de 2015 este chal se puede tejer también en español.

THANK YOU to my dearest test knitters baiba Maijaa BIG zumza sfriesen

p.s. šim ir arī latviešu versija, protams :)