Scarf Recipe #2: Thinking in Another Direction by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Scarf Recipe #2: Thinking in Another Direction

Begins on page 163 of Knitting Rules!

Pattern Description from Knitting Rules!: “If Scarf Recipe #1 is like oatmeal, this one is like…well, it’s still like oatmeal. It’s basically the same scarf but knit side to side instead of end to end. This scarf is a relief for knitters who hate turning at the ends of rows, enjoy the commitment of a row that goes on for a good long time, an think that casting on and off many, many stitches in a single go is a day at the beach.”

Ingredients: “The yarn of choice and needles long enough to hold all the stitches. It’s going to be a lot, so you might want to work back and forth on a circular instead of straights.”

No yarn, needles, gauge given.