Seamless Raglan Sweater - adult by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Seamless Raglan Sweater - adult

Pattern was sold individually, but is now included as part of the Spun Out Design Collection.

Summary This is one of four seamless sweaters “unvented” by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Directions for all four are in chapter 4 of Knitting Without Tears; they are knit in the round from the bottom up and are identical up to the underarms. The Seamless Raglan is the second variation, and gives (as the name implies) directions for raglan sleeves.

EZ’s Notes “Materials depend on your size and taste. If you are using knitting worsted (advisable for beginners), five to six 4oz skeins are usually enough; in finer wool you will need less by weight. You would be well advised to consult a salesclerk. You will need a 16” needle for the sleeves and neck, and a longer one (I prefer a 24” one) for body and yoke. Needle size depends on the wool and the way you knit; for knitting worsted anything between a size 5 and a size 8.”

Gauge Note: This pattern, as with all four of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s seamless sweaters, directs you to determine gauge based on yarn and needle choice. Once gauge is determined, the number of stitches is then calculated based on the desired finished size of the sweater.

From Knitting Without Tears: “There are two great advantages to seamless sweaters. First, and most important, they are comfortable, as they will stretch in all directions. You can take your arm out of the sleeve, elbow first, without any ominous sounds of popping threads. Secondly, having no seams, they demand no sewing skills at all.”

The pattern may be found on pages 78-80 of Knitting Workshop.