Simply Crocheted Stitch Markers by PickleSoup

Simply Crocheted Stitch Markers

June 2010
Thread ?
To your preference
Flag of English English
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

Crocheted stitch markers with 6 different varieties currently.

Pattern also available HERE on my blog for reading if you prefer not to download. 5/2018 update: Sorry- the blog is no longer! Provider discontinued and I didn’t transfer the content anywhere. My apologies!

Jan 2011: It is very helpful to chain the section that goes over the needle VERY tightly- as tight as you can!! You don’t have to put your needle back into these stitches, so after every chain- pull tightly on the thread before making the next chain. This will firm up the loop and keep it from getting flimsy and weak feeling with use. I was doing this instinctively and didn’t realize I hadn’t specified it in the notes until I made some again. I did NOT change this in the PDF file as of yet.

Cotton crochet thread: size 10, 20, or 30 (I haven’t tried smaller sizes)- minimal amount- 4 yards would surely make a set of 8. (Photo with the alphabet beads: Colors on the left are of size 10 thread- light green and cream on the right are size 30 thread.)

Beads: 1-?(but not so many that the marker is overly heavy) for each marker in a size comparable to the thread. Variety 3-5 require a bead with a little larger hole.

Steel crochet hook: size appropriate to your thread. I used a US 4 with size 10 thread, 7 with size 20 thread, 10 with size 30 thread.

Gauge is not critical.

Size is custom- loop size (to go over the needle) is completely adjustable. Make the length to your preference.

Having crocheted for years before I became obsessed with knitting, I decided I had better make one work for the other in my life. Just a little bit. The variety is endless with how you choose to create these markers. Where you put the beads, what type, color, shape, etc. The best thing is the softness of the loop of thread going over your knitting needle when you‘re using them. You don’t have any metal to scratch up your precious woods or your ultra smooth turbos or your slick plastics or acrylics. Have to KEEP THAT FINISH!!! You want to be knitting with those needles the rest of YOUR life and be able to pass them on to the next generation. Well, I do, anyway.

Sets of these stitch markers (at least one in a contrast color or bead difference to mark the beginning of the round) make great prizes for design contests, door prizes for your local knitting group, or for swaps and KAL’s (ETA: Oops, I meant CAL’s).