Sisterhood Cowl by Shared Secrets

Sisterhood Cowl

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A cowl designed in honour of the sisters I know and those I don’t, to those who are close and those who are beyond my reach in this world but not the next. You are my inspiration, my comfort, my joy. You are my beautiful sisters and I am blessed.

The finished cowl works out as one huge loop. The idea is to wear it doubled around your neck so that if you want to pull one loop up over your head to keep your ears warm, your neck can stay toasty too.

The original cowl was knitted using some very special yarn that I spun myself but would look equally good in a fingering, light fingering or lace weight yarn. Gauge is not very important but if you know you are a loose or tight knitter you can alter the needle size if you wish. If you do this or you choose a different yarn weight, you will need to adjust the yarn requirements accordingly.

The pattern is very customisable, and you can make your loop larger or smaller by casting on or leaving off multiples of ten stitches – 250 works well for lace weight, 150 might be more appropriate for fingering weight, but I’ve found it depends on the knitter and how snuggly you want to be in your finished cowl. When blocking I strongly suggest blocking hard vertically (for width) rather than horizontally (for length). This will give you a wider and more snuggly effect rather than a long thin one :)

If you’d like help customising your cowl, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help.

The revenue generated from the sale of this pattern will be divided and donated to two charities. The first is the Doula UK access fund and the second is a rotating donation to charities chosen by a group of ladies in honour of a very special purple sparkle sister who passed in January 2011.
2012 Charity - Macmillan Cancer Support UK