Skillie - Crochet Turtle Puzzle by Dedri Uys

Skillie - Crochet Turtle Puzzle

Update: This pattern is no longer available as a stand-alone pattern. Instead it is available as part of the Amamani Puzzle Balls book on Annie’s.

Skillie is part of my Amigurumi Amish Puzzle Animal series (Amamani for short).

He is based on the Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball (listed on Ravelry as a free pattern) and works up to about 12 cm high and 18 cm long.

The Turtle Puzzle consists of 3 segments which can be assembled and taken apart at will.

It is perfect for little hands, eyes and minds!

You can use a bigger or smaller hook, thinner or thicker yarn…it really is up to you. But using a 4mm hook and dk yarn yields a nice size animal for little hands.

These Amamani Puzzles EAT stuffing, though, and I would advise you to stuff them well, because they do stretch a bit over time. But don’t stuff them too much, because the stuffing will start showing.

Have fun and take care

xxx dedri

ps. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!