Sleeveless U-Neck with Steps and Moss by Jacqueline Fee

Sleeveless U-Neck with Steps and Moss

May 2002
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Pattern description from The Sweater Workshop: “The Steps and Moss pattern is the ideal front for a sleeveless sweater as it peeks out from under a blazer or jacket. The panel disappears nicely, with the outer cables the first to go as you work the underarm shaping. The steps might continue to the shoulder, and the inner cables and moss will be left behind at the neckline shaping. Depending on your choice of yarn, needles, gauge, and size of sweater, the patterns may not end in this stated manner, but don’t worry about it until you get there; something just as orderly is bound to happen. Also, it is perfectly all right to work the back of the sweater in plain stockinette. Many times a sleeveless sweater is worn under a jacket, so only the front is on display. Follow the directions for the Basic Sweater (p.95), centering the 60-stitch Steps and Moss panel (p. 135) on the front of the body. Work proceeds in the round to the underarm, then the back and front are worked flat, separately, with the plain back stitches worked first. Slip the front stitches to a holding needle.”

A medium-weight yarn is recommended for this pattern using US 4-8 needles. Approximately three 4-ounce skeins of yarn will be enough for this vest for a size 40 or 42 with a 15” body length.

This pattern may be found on p. 136. Photo on p. 195.