Slither 'Round My Head Double Knit Hat by Katie Benedict

Slither 'Round My Head Double Knit Hat

This pattern is available for free.

A reversible double knit hat with a twisty snake pattern.

Requires one skein of each yarn.

When winter got extra cold this January, our regular winter knits were just not enough to keep us from freezing. Ben loves his hand knit Noro hat, but asked me to knit something thicker and warmer to keep his head cozy.

After inspecting some yarns and pattern options, I decided that a double-knit (thus double-thick) hat would be just the thing for him. Not only would it be snug, he could turn it inside out for a different look. I asked my boyfriend if he wanted a snowflake or some other design, and he insisted on something “manly.”

Well, what’s more manly than snakes (besides, perhaps, snails and puppy-dog tails?)

I didn’t find any patterns for what I wanted so I spent a few evenings charting out appropriately manly snakes to slither around this deep winter hat. They looked fabulous slinking around the finished knit hat! And the boy would hardly take it off of his head for me to block it.

Notes: When referring to Main Color (MC), this pattern means the primary background color used on the outside of the hat. Inside the hat, the colors will be reversed.

This pattern is designed to create a snug fitting hat. Adjust guage accordingly for a looser fit.