Snow Queen shawl/scarf by Wendy Harbaugh

Snow Queen shawl/scarf

December 2010
any will work but lace sizes work best
Flag of English English
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

Above version of PDF is USA notation
this version is the PDF French download now
here is the graph that I hand drew to help people no language just symbols download now
updated PDF link in USA Notation
download now

all three of these pdfs can be read in the original blog post too with extra information

if you find any mistakes let me know so I can fix them thank you

Because the pattern is made to the desired size with which ever yarn or thread you like with corresponding hook this can be made into a small- large hair scarf or a neck scarf or a shawl or hip scarf. I will post a sample of each as I go through to making it a shawl.

updated pdf on Dec 21

I added a hand drawn graph for those who don’t speak English (USA notation).

MarieMarie gave me a translation into French it is at the same link as above if you have questions on the French version please ask her as I am not able to read French. She is the reason I made this pattern in the first place. I wrote the pattern for her to use, then she translated my pattern into French for me to put on to my blog for others to use.

I have started a yellow one with some modifications to the pattern that make this more 3d if you want to do those go here and see them. After posting that I then added them to the original pattern too as a note.

there is a Cal going on for this project

helpful hints
some info that has come up in discussions on this that I thought I would post here to help others

the 3d version is more narrow due to the fact that you go down one more row before going around the back of the post. I hope you understood that becasue you go down 1 more row it is pulling in from both side the width of two rows for each round you have to go around the back of the post

The white one is not the 3d version so it has more give to it and I didn’t block it so it could do what it wanted too. Blocking this pattern makes it lay more flat in my opinion and I didn’t want to do that to it.

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