Spring Spirits Kerchief by Yulia Zakhlebina

Spring Spirits Kerchief

by Yulia Zakhlebina
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

This kerchief originated during testing of my “Spring Spirits Shawl” when my friend LyubovShalnaya had the neat idea to use the shawl charts to make a smaller version with added ties which can be used as a kerchief. Thank you for the inspiration, LyubovShalnaya - your creativity is very much appreciated!

While this kerchief uses design elements found in the shawl, it has fewer pattern repeats, uses less yarn and features additional ties.

The kerchief is knitted from the top down and has a triangular shape. The beginning of the kerchief is at the center top edge, the increases are made on both sides of the central stitch and along the
edges of the kerchief. The ties are knitted on the 7-stitch garter stitch border in garter stitch.

Skill Level: Intermediate (Lace knitting skills: knit, purl, increases, decreases, pattern repeats, provisional CO method). The lace pattern is simple, but requires attention.

Top edge: 57 cm excluding ties
Depth along the center stitch: 35 cm

Yarn: about 30 g (1 oz) of any light fingering weight yarn.

Gauge is not very important, however, a different gauge will affect overall yardage needed and the actual size of the finished kerchief.

Many thanks to my friends klubokispitsi for her help.

The Russian version is available from my blog, the English version as a PDF download.
На русском языке описание косынки доступно в моем блоге.