Square in Rosette and Tuft Pattern by Weldons

Square in Rosette and Tuft Pattern

by Weldons
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This pattern was originally published in 1891.

This is the original description:
This handsome centre is worked with Strutt’s ‘bonnet’ cotton and a large bone crochet hook, no. 6 or 7. This cotton is nearly as thick as double Berlin wool, is very soft, and can be had either bleached or unbleached. It has received the name of ‘bonnet’ cotton because it is used as a sort of soft piping cord in the gatherings of children’s white cotton bonnets. It is not expensive in itself, except that it requires a very large quantity to work so elaborate a pattern as that given here.

At the end of the instructions is written:
This square is an extremely rich one if worked with fine cotton such as no. 10 or 12. The pieces are then only about a foot or so across. Should the pattern given here be used as the centre of a large quilt the remainder should be made up of the centre part of this square, working as far as the end of the 11th round. If it is proposed to use it as a quilt for a child’s cot, all that will be required is an edging …