Square Shawl (February) by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Square Shawl (February)

Summary  A square shawl knit circularly that allows the knitter to insert whatever pattern suits the occasion.

Additional Information

GAUGE: 4 sts to 1", measured over stocking-stitch.

MATERIALS: 10 oz Shetland wool, or similar yarn which gives the above GAUGE when knitted loosely.  1 16", 1 24" circular needles, 1 set of 5 dp needles of a size to give you above GAUGE. (sizes 5-8). 1 crochet-hook

This month’s chapter, Some Babies' Things, covers Double Knitting (Double -Knitting Blanket or Pad and Double-Knitting Pot-Handler), a Baby Sweater on Two Needles and Baby Leggings.

Elizabeth Zimmermann's elaboration on the Square Shawl:

Although babies rarely, if ever, express their pleasure at being dressed in wool, it is surely manifest when you dote on a small plump person soundly and contentedly asleep, swaddled in woollen sweater, woollen leggings, and a soft wool bonnet, snugly tucked under a fine warm wool blanket.

Now try a shawl.  This has a beginning, but no end, as it may be stopped whenever you please, depending on time, patience, and wool-supply.

From the back of the book.

"The year begins with an Aran sweater and proceeds to February baby things, a March Shetland, April blanket, May mittens and so on through the months, completing the zodiac with November moccasin socks and a December last-minute wishbone sweater."