Swing-Stickning™ Studiecirkel 1 by Heidrun Liegmann

Swing-Stickning™ Studiecirkel 1

June 2014
Light Fingering ?
US 0 - 2.0 mm
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This is the first of three workshops about the technique of Swing-Knitting™ in Swedish.

Thank you to Anna Kuzminsky for translating!

Swing-Knitting™ is a special practice of short row knitting – a very old technique. But we will use it to form a very special design, a unique look.

Why is it called Swing-Knitting™?
Well, that’s because Swing-Knitting™ “swings“ – it’s like knitting music! You knit with only one color at a time, and your “knitting melody” gives the beat. You knit “stanzas” – defined knitted areas. This kind of knitting is at the same time exciting and relaxing – it just “swings”!
As the musical Swing is a living, dynamic, rhythmic music, Swing-Knitting™ is also dynamic and rhythmic. And as Swing enriched Jazz with its intuitiveness, its dancebility and its full sound, so Swing-Knitting™ does to knitting: it’s lively and creates harmonious patterns. And if you have learned the basics, it’s quite easy to perform.
Like instruments in a Big Band, the stanzas of the whole knitting swing together: they seem to move with each other, side by side, one upon the other. And even the keenest knitter won’t see at once how you have worked THIS pattern!

This workshop 1 is 36 pages long. In a very detailed way using a lot of colored pictures, it will teach you the first part of the Swing-Knitting™ basics – and you learn this while swing-knitting™ Swingy Wristlets.
What you will learn in workshop 1:
• Theory of Swing-Knitting™: basic knowledge and vocabulary
• Knitting techniques basic to Swing-Knitting™
• How to build a “dark stanza” and “pause”
• Composition of the Swingy Wristlets
• How to knit dark stanzas and pauses
• Provisional casting on by crocheting around the knitting needle
• Sewing together with kitchener stitch

In Workshop 2 we will swing-knit™ a Swingy Slouch Hat with another portion of theory and knitting practice. It is online in Swedish as well!
Workshop 3 is a very detailed and understandable description of the remaining basic theoretical and practical elements of Swing-Knitting™ It soon will be available in Swedish.
By swing-knitting™ a shawl, you’ll easily learn swinging with the combination of light and dark stanzas, and the pin dance.

The three workshops are consecutive, and you’ll have to work through them one after the other in order to understand all the secrets of Swing-Knitting™.
After finishing workshop 3, you’ll know all the basics of Swing-Knitting™, and you’ll be able to use this wonderful technique by yourself, designing your own pieces of knitted art.
For more information, see: http://www.swing-knitting.com.