Swing-Stickning™ Studiecirkel 2 by Heidrun Liegmann

Swing-Stickning™ Studiecirkel 2

June 2014
Light Fingering ?
US 0 - 2.0 mm
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This is the second of three workshops about the technique of Swing-Knitting™, now availabe in Swedish as well.

Thank you to Anna Kuzminsky for translating the workshop!

It is subsequent to Workshop 1 “Swing-Stickning Studiecirkel 1” and bases on Workshop 1’s knowledge.

This workshop 2 is 27 pages long. In a very detailed way using 26 colored pictures, it will teach you the second part of the Swing-Knitting™ basics – and you learn this while swing-knitting™ the Swingy Slouch Hat.

What you will learn in workshop 2:
• What is a „light stanza“ and how it is knitted
• Another way of designing the “pause”
• Composition of the Swingy Slouch Hat
• How to make a “nice” upper head
• Kitchener stitch with purl or ridges
• An easy way to attach knitting in different directions
• How to make a peaked cap

Workshop 3 is a very detailed and understandable description of the remaining theoretical and practical elements of Swing-Knitting™. By swing-knitting™ a shawl, you’ll easily learn swinging with the combination of light and dark stanzas and dancing the pin dance. It will be soon available in Swedish as well.

The three workshops are consecutive, and you’ll have to work through them one after the other in order to understand all the secrets of Swing-Knitting™.
After finishing workshop 3, you’ll know all the basics of Swing-Knitting™, and you’ll be able to use this wonderful technique by yourself, designing your own pieces of knitted art.
For more information, see: http://www.swing-knitting.com