Teddy Bear Family

Summary:  Basic teddy bear pattern can be reproduced with all kinds of yarns to create one or a whole family of teddy bears.


  • typically, a skein of yarn per bear
  • the needle size recommended for that yarn
  • yarn needle
  • stitch holders
  • 3-4 yards of embroidery yarn or scrap yarn, per bear, for embroidering face and paws
  • handful or more (depending on size of bear) clean, raw wool; polyester fiberfill; or yarn scraps, for stuffing bear

From Knitting for Baby:  The bear is constructed in two vertical halves (a leg and half the body) up to the shoulder, which, you should be forewarned, looks strange as you're working, and may cause you to wonder!  After the two halves and the head are connected and stuffed (and the bear shape starts to look recognizable), the arms, head, nose, and ears are added.  Face and paw details, which instantly give the bear its personality, are embroidered on when the bear is finished.

Because the bears don't need to be a particular size, you can skip the gauge swatch.  Knit the first half of the body to the shoulder, then continue on if you like the way your work looks.  If not, rip it out and start over.  If your stitches are very tight, your bear may be stiffer and smaller than you initially intended.  If your stitches are very loose, you can always felt the bear to tighten them up, provided you are using a yarn that felts.