Teddy Bear Illusion Blanket and Cushion by Steve Plummer

Teddy Bear Illusion Blanket and Cushion

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Where’s the bear?

The illusion bear is only there when you look at the blanket or cushion from an angle. When you look straight at the knitting you will see stripes and just the faintest shadow of a bear.

The pattern includes two charts - one for the head and one for the whole bear. The head is exactly the same in both though it may not appear so in the photos because the cushion stretches and curves the head making it look bigger.

The blankets shown were knitted in DK yarn and measures approximately 80 cm x 100 cm (32” x 40”). You can easily adjust the size of the blanket by adding, or subtracting, rows and stitches around the bear. The size will be different if you choose to use a different thickness of yarn.

Amounts of yarn for blanket (if using DK):

  • Approximately 600 metres (660 yards) light
  • Approximately 500 metres (550 yards) dark DK

Amounts of yarn for one side of cushion (if using DK):

  • Approximately 140 metres (155 yards) of each colour

The cushion was also knitted in DK and measures 40 cm (16”) square.

Illusion knitting is extremely easy to do. It only requires basic knit and purl stitches.

The first photo shows blankets made for twins. The colours are the same but reversed. Later photographs show the cushion from directly above, the front of the blanket from directly above and the back of the blanket.

This was my first illusion baby blanket. It is still the most popular but I now have lots of others.