That 70's Dress by Elena Nodel

That 70's Dress

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This dress came as a natural progression from the “Cold Shirt” design. The dress is knitted from top down. You will start with the neck band, and will knit it in the round. After that the stitches are divided for front and back, and each piece is knitted flat to the armholes. Once both back and front are complete, the work is joined in the round once again.

The pattern is suitable for all level knitters, and if you want a little bit more challenge you can customize your dress with intricate intarsia, embroidery, or lace.

The description comes in 4-ply and DK versions. Dk version is equally suitable for wool or cotton, thus making this dress good for any season. The 4-ply version is best suited for soft cotton yarns. Please make sure you print the right version for your project!

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9-12 months: (16-18 inch chest)
1-2T: (18-20 inch chest)
2-3T: (19-21 inch chest)
3-4 T: (20-22 inch chest)
4-5: (21-23 inch chest)
5-6: (23-25 inch chest)
7-8: (25-27 inch chest)