The Babywearer by Theresa Belville

The Babywearer

Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

From the Little Turtle Knits pattern notes:

“The babywearer was begun when a friend of mine showed me a picture of a mum with her babe in a sling, looking uber-cool in a knitted poncho that covered them both. The picture was from a Dutch website ( And it inspired me (haunted me is more like it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it) until finally, this design was born. In recognition of the fact that without Sabrina’s original inception of this idea, I’d probably never have been inspired to create my own vision, Little Turtle Knits is compensating mamaponcho with 1/3 of each pattern’s profits. I respect my fellow designers, and I hope that these actions set an example of how others should treat designers as well :)

This pattern is unlike any other we’ve done at Little Turtle Knits. In this design, YOU are the one in control. You decide the yarn, the gauge, and the rest is accomplished with those choices and a few select measurements. It is labeled an “advanced” pattern because of the required measurement and the wee bit of math that is involved prior to the knitting. The actual knitting is very straightforward and easy. So, do not be fearful of the advanced label, if you can add and subtract (and do a bit of multiplication, too) you can do this pattern ;)

Supplies need for this pattern::

since this is a you-pick pattern, needle size and yarn requirements will be dependent on what yarn weight and size you are going to knit.“