The Candle Tree by Barbara G. Walker
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The Candle Tree


From the Stitch Description: On Rows 9-21 of this pattern, cabled crossings are performed on both sides of the fabric to make the graceful spread of the Tree’s lower “branches” . The upper boughs hold nine Leaf or Candle-Flame motifs, all alike, in a very naturalistic tree-shaped arrangement. The entire panel with its 52 rows is a complete design, roughly square in shape. It may be used only once, as a central ornament in a garment, or it may be placed in blocks at any desired distance from each other. It is an ideal pattern for bedspreads or throws, since it can be made in squares of contrasting colors and the squares then sewn or crocheted together. To repeat the pattern as a vertical panel, work several rows of some other pattern as a horizontal band before beginning the next Candle Tree.

Location of Stitch: Page 290 from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.