The LOLA (sweater)

Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

The full pattern has been released. We will quite likely find minor revisions and explanations due … but you can cast on and get going over the weekend … it’s a long one here in the USA! Happy 4th of July!

The LOLA (sweater) is literally an e-book about a sweater journey … boat-neck … crew-neck … v-neck … short sleeves … 3/4 sleeves … long sleeves … 8 tested yarns and 13 plus samples included in the descriptions and evaluation for the final pattern … the distillation process for a lace weight sweater that has not been seen before!

This is a big file … 24 pages … before printing the whole thing perhaps it would be safe to mark only the pages that are essential for you. I added many photos and close-ups to safe trips back and forth to the ravelry projects.

Please hop over to our group and come along for the KAL!

  • Please find more details on the blog post here.
  • The Plucky Knitter LACE LOLA loves Summer!
  • A little note on the blog tonight …
  • Large photo of LOLA in BERLIN on the blog Sunday morning!

Sample photos for individual yarns … in order of appearance …

  1. LOLA three times a day … LOLA on two people … sneak peek here!
  2. One LOLA … six different people wearing her … on the blog
  3. 11 LOLAs on the blog today
  4. A whole stack of LOLA’s … from the blog
  5. Miss Babs KATAHDIN BERLIN colorway … V-neck
  6. The Plucky Knitter LACE … PAPYRUS and STICKY TOFFEE colorways … reversible … same front and back!
  7. Photos 3 through 5 The Plucky Knitter LACE