The Turtle by Barbara G. Walker
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The Turtle

From The Chapter Description: Here are some really new ideas in cables. Special increase-and-decrease techniques make it possible, for the first time, to close the ring: to bring cabled ribs together neatly at the top and bottom of a curve. Two basic ring formations are given as examples, a small ring that opens by crossing two stitches over two at each side, and a large ring that opens by crossing three stitches over three. Subsequent patterns sometimes combine these two basics by crossing two stitches over three at the beginning of each ring or curve.

There is only one moment of acrobatic ribbing in these designs, and that is the first five-stitch increase at the bottom of each ring. This is about the tightest and squinchiest little bit of knitting that you’ll ever encounter. It must be so, or the increased stitches will not blend together properly. Once past this original hurdle, however, you’ll find that the rest is very simple. So do persevere - muttering under your breath if you wish - in getting those first five stitches made. A rich profusion of hitherto impossible cable patterns awaits the knitter who has learned to close the ring. And remember - those “X” stitches - aren’t there!

Location of Stitch: Chapter 4 - Closed-Ring Designs in Cabling - page 128 - from Charted Knitting Design: A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns.