The Whole Shebang Value Bundle by Laurie Laliberte

The Whole Shebang Value Bundle

Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

Can’t decide which kitchen set to pick up? Would you rather have the pot holders or the scrubbies? My dad always said, “Just get the whole shebang!”

You will receive all five (3 piece) kitchen sets I currently offer for sale:
Broken Links
Chubby Nubby
Fun Fun Fun
Grandpa’s Sweater
Tiny Bubbles

Each set includes a scrubby, pot holder/hot pad, and towel pattern.

Plus you will receive the pdf files for my Big Girl Kitchen Set. The Big Girl patterns are available on my blog at no charge, but I only offer the pdf files as promotional items. That’s a total of 18 patterns.

Here’s the math:
15 patterns purchased separately + 3 freebies = $38.85
5 kitchen sets + 3 freebies = $27.45
3 value bundles (which already include the 3 freebies) = $27.97

A reminder/just to clarify: This is for the patterns, not the finished objects. You will receive an email within 48 hours of purchase with links to the files so you may download them. I am usually able to send files within hours, or even minutes, but my ISP sometimes has a mind of its own. As always, ordering from Ravelry will allow you to download your files directly rather than waiting for my email.