Thriving and Falling Leaves Scarf or Cowl by Uma Padu

Thriving and Falling Leaves Scarf or Cowl

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This pattern that now also provides a buttoned cowl version.

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to knit this scarf or cowl pattern.

As a lover of nature, it is fascinating to observe how trees continue living even as leaves fall. The design of the scarf tries to capture this cycle of life of creation and destruction. While one tail of the scarf depicts the falling of leaves, the other shows them blossoming and thriving.
Knitting it with 2 ply makes it delicate and drapey.
Repeats of 48 rows which makes 3 leaves at either end makes up the scarf or cowl.


Many thanks to my test-knitters:
pschweigert, Arya9, siropdorgeat, erikarosi, softwhite1, KnitSewPretty, bluevelvet234, JordanMcCollum, lainalaina, smorrish and croknit86
Special thanks to KnitSewPretty for turning the scarf into a buttoned down cowl.