Top-Down No Math Hat: The Manly Version by Suzyn Jackson Gonzalez

Top-Down No Math Hat: The Manly Version

This pattern is available for free.

I have nephews. Three of them. I have two sons, too, but they’re little and they’re getting hats with trains on them. I also have two nieces, and, well, pretty stuff is easy. But I have three nephews and the youngest one is ten. They don’t want cute or funky – they want manly knits.

And so desperate times call for… new patterns.

Without further ado, I present my Top-Down No Math Hat: The Manly Version. (Hint: it’s pretty much the same pattern, without the YOs.)

Yarn: again, whatever you like. Any weight – truly doesn’t matter. About a hat’s worth (I do this by squishing it in my hand and seeing if it kinda feels like squishing a hat. As you can tell, I’m a bit cavalier with my knitting.)

Needles: whatever the label calls for, or a bit smaller. You can use dpns to start, then switch to a smallish (24”) circular, or you can stay on dpns throughout, or you can magic loop it.

Notions: a tapestry needle and a freewheeling attitude.

Psst - the original Top-Down No Math Hat is over here.