Tree by Ariel Barton


May 2005
Flag of English English
This pattern is available for free.

The tree is something I designed, based on the one on Arwen's banner at the end of Return of the King.

This tree is worked as a rectangular panel. Allow 61 stitches for it. (Increases and decreases will happen; however, you need 61 stitches going in and will have 61 stitches coming out.)

It’s in three pieces because, frankly, it looks like a mess if it isn’t.

Note that these are half-charts. So you start at the right edge and work from right to left. Then you work back from left to right, starting at the red bar, if a red bar exists.

The trunk is just a three-stitch knit rib all the way up. (In other words, repeat Row 23 of the roots chart as many times as you want; I used about thirty rows.)