Trio of Owls by Rachel Gallagher-Miller

Trio of Owls

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Hello all! Included in this pattern is three unique owl patterns, with several interchangeable options, for those who like to experiment ;). There is a lot of room on awesome owl bellies for embellishment and customization. Go wild!

Thank you ♥

Ok guys, on page 3 I wrote “wasted yarn” as opposed to “waste yarn”- please note that the yarn isn’t drunk, that small strand is simply a “waste yarn.” :)

This suggestion was made by Wit, and it’s a really great and easy way to make the toes :)
Instead of breaking yarn and rejoining for each toe, I cut a long piece of yarn and wove it back down the toe I worked and brought the yarn up to the left of the next one and kept working. This worked out just fine and saved me from so many ends to weave in when finished.