Two-colour Brioche Stitch Tutorial by Ilana MacDonald

Two-colour Brioche Stitch Tutorial

This pattern is available for free.

Brioche stitch refers not to the french pastry, delicious as it may be, but to a family of stitch patterns that include slipped stitches knit together with yarn-overs to make a squishy, stretchy and extra-thick fabric. What this tutorial shows is called the two-colour brioche rib, also known as the Shaker rib, English rib, or Fisherman’s rib. It resembles regular knit one, purl one ribbing, but the purl stitches are in a different colour than the knit stitches. It’s great for hats, scarves and sweaters, and when done in two neutral colours, it’s a great stitch pattern for men’s garments. The technique in this tutorial is for flat-knitted pieces, but it’s easily converted to patterns knit in the round.