Two Yoke Sweaters Lloie’s Cardigan by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen

Two Yoke Sweaters Lloie’s Cardigan

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From Schoolhouse Press:

Two beautiful Yoke sweaters from Elizabeth Zimmermann. Her daughter, Meg Swansen did the sleuthing and reknit these updated versions - one from a chart in EZ’s journal and one pictured in a family photograph. The motifs are related, but distinct. Knit them in our feather-light Unspun Icelandic wool, or colorful Shetland Spindrift wool. Includes instructions (one cardigan, one pullover), charts, illustrations, and techniques like short rows, steeking, and weaving.

Print version comes in a 3-hole, archival quality sheet protector.

The chart in the original booklet has a number of discrepancies with the photo of the sweater Meg knitted. For example, in the photo, it’s clear that Meg switched back to the main body color at the top of the “leaves” section, but this isn’t reflected in the chart. Also, the chart shows a section of the lower “stem” in cream, which seems to be an obvious error. A little less obvious is in the first row above the white band at the bottom of the Fair Isle section. In the photo, it appears that the first set of leaves is bounded at the bottom by the background color, but in the chart, the leaf color is adjacent to the cream band. Take EZ’s advice and let your own good judgment be your guide!

Errata: The pattern says to knit 30 rounds before knitting the chart. It should read knit 13 rounds plain before the chart. It is 30 rounds total before the first set of decreases.

Schoolhouse Press has reissued these two patterns as Yoke Sweaters.

The cardigan’s gauge is 6.66 sts/inch, 10.8 rounds/inch. Body circumference is 39”, 21” sleeves and 10” yoke depth, counting Short Rows. The pattern calls for Shetland jumper weight wool, either Jamieson and Smith or Spindrift. As pictured, the yarns used were J & S: 9 balls main color Violet, #131, 1 ball each Silver #203, Beige #202, Lock Maree #82, White #1, and 15 yards of an unexpected color (Dark Red #1403 used) or Spindrift equivalents: 10 balls Aubretia #1300, 1 ball each Shomit #103, Eesit # 105, Bottle Green #6744, White #304, 15 yards of unexpected color (Madder #587). Circular needles of a size to achieve wanted gauge, approx. #3 or 4. Buttons.