Warhol Sock Monkey Throw by Robin Denney

Warhol Sock Monkey Throw

This throw was created using the motif as presented in the Sock Monkey Christmas Stocking and using the same garter stitch border treatment as the Sock Monkey Pillow Supplement pattern.

It was created for a class that I will be doing this Spring as an example of using intarsia only (top row) on the motif, then intarsia and some stranding (second row) and then a simplified version of the motif with the detail added via duplicate stitch. Each row of motifs got simpler as managing the dangling color strands became easier as there were less of them.

I also did this as a personal challenge. I could have knitted individual blocks, seamed together, but wanted to see how much intarsia craziness I could handle. It was not bad. I just slowed down, focused on yarn management, and found a knitting position (reclining on the bed with the strands on the floor) that was relaxing and allowed more space for yarns and the developing throw.

This would be great with just one color but I also wanted to show how the sock monkey could look with different color backgrounds should someone want to make a collection of Sock Monkey Christmas Stockings for the family.

The pattern has a larger boarder on the top, bottom, and two edges and slightly smaller boarder between the motifs.

Any size can be created by using different counts of the motif. The one pictured is approximately 4’X 4.5’.

You could use the same concept to create a Christmas version using the motif’s in my book “Keepsake Christmas Stockings: A Coordinated Collection to Knit.” It would also work with the Knitter’s Basket Pillow Top pattern as you could use up some small stash items for the “yarn ball” detail.