Weebee Doll - Mix and Match Clothing by Laura Tegg

Weebee Doll - Mix and Match Clothing

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August 2016
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?
Any hook or yarn weight can be used to create different sized dolls
4.0 mm (G)
Any hook or yarn can be used to make different sized dolls
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Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.


A little history about this outfit…
In August 2016 I published my first free doll pattern, a doll called Weebee – often referred to now as the standard size Weebee doll. The Weebee doll base pattern originally included an outfit for a girl and an outfit for a boy. Eventually I had to separate the doll from the clothing because once more outfits became available people were struggling to find the base doll pattern for them. The outfits pattern became the Weebee Mix and Match and it remained as such until now. My patterns have come a long way since then and people were finding the mix and match pattern a little confusing because it wasn’t written as well as they are now. So I decided to revise both of the outfits and publish them seperately!

So the outfits in this pattern have been fully revised and you can now find them here:

Original Girls Outfit - NOW AVAILABLE!
Original Boys Outfit - NOW AVAILABLE