Women's Shorties No. 625 by Bernhard Ulmann Co.

Women's Shorties No. 625

Out of print. This pattern was available for free.

Details from Nomis #29, Gloves and Mittens (c) 1988
Women’s Shorties No. 625

Bear Brand or Fleisher’s Ever-Match Sock and Fingering or
Fleisher’s Silhouette or Bear Brand Tricolaine
Fingering Yarn, 1 oz skeins: 2 ozs

Bucilla Metallique
Several yards of non-tarnish Metal Thread

66 Sequins and 66 Pearls for Trimming

Double Pointed Needles, 1 set Size 0

Shown on Front Cover
Directions start on page 23

Bernhard Ulmann Co.
Nomis Yarn Co.

Also available on zilredloh.com as
Pink Embellished Gloves (Pink Beaded Gloves)