Spinning project
Tour de Fleece 2017

Goal 1: Spin every day of the Tour.

July 10 and July 17 are rest days. Since I have a conference and can’t bring my wheel, I will do some tahkli or charkha spinning. Done!

Goal 2: Santa Cruz Island 3-ply skein for fair entry.

Fair entries are due on July 31. Making good progress on this! The fleece was already washed and I have some batts carded up and I have almost one bobbin spun. I may have to card a couple more batts in order to finish 3 bobbins. Spinning and Plying done! I have an 80 gram skein of 3-ply. Now to wash and get it entered!

Goal 3: Finish the woolen spun CVM 3-ply.

I already have 5 full-size skeins of this and most the singles done for the 6th skein. Current total about 13.5 ounces. I want to enter one of these skeins in the fair, too.
1 ounce skein plied.
Finished with a total of 14.5 ounces. Not sure this is quite done.

Goal 4: Add to the CVM bulky singles.

I have a about 7 cakes of singles. Originally thought I would knit as singles, but it might not be bulky enough for the sweater I’m planning. Swatch and decide and get this yarn ready to make the sweater in fall. Before TdF I have 771 g or 1 lb 11 ounces.

  1. 86 g on Day 6
  2. 76 g on Day 23 That makes a total of 933 g or 35 oz. I think this might be DONE!

Goal 5: Ply Loop Bump singles.

Done!!! Plied with silk thread. Fulled slightly.

Spontaneous Spinning

  1. Got tired of spinning the SC Island white fleece and wanted some color. Had a red and turquoise bobbin from some dyeing I’d done. Plied it into a 2-ply from a center-pull ball.
  2. Finished a languishing spin of 50/50 yak silk (about sport weight singles). Plied with a silk thread to make yarn for a super soft, shiny cowl for a Christmas present.
  3. Carded up some leftover dyed Rambouillet fiber into batts.
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July 2017
July 2017
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