Spinning project
TDF 2015 Rambouillet
natural white
singles = Z plied = S
singles = 8 : 1 plied = 8 : 1
Tools used
Spinnrad Kromski Fantasia
Finished yarn
TDF 2015 Rambouillet
1 project
Weiße Sofakissen

From raw fleece to yarn.
Its my first attempt. I learnt a lot about fibre doing this and will repeat it soon, but with a coarser fleece.
The fibre is so delicate, soft and crimpy… my equipment and my knowledge about working with these fine fibres aren’t good enough.
I wanted a very thin lace yarn, but ended up with a structured big yarn. :-)
But its well balanced and I am very happy with its elasticity and softness.
This will become a handwoven pillowcase some day.

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June 13 2015
August 24 2016
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